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2010-06-16 20:39:40 by Compaq272

I can't think of anything NEW to post really so I'm gonna go through some of my old stuff and maybe redo them.

Finally School's Over

2010-06-11 21:13:02 by Compaq272

Today was my last day of school. I spent the last half hour throwing together some stuff in GarageBand for you guys. I hope you like it.

Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?

2009-12-12 22:56:45 by Compaq272 efyk

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Wouldn't This Be Nice?

2009-11-30 14:23:18 by Compaq272

Just thinking. Wouldn't it be nice if there was a change with the voting system? I know this will probably never happen, but just think. Wouldn't it be nice if you had to put in the reason you're voting something lower than a 3? Here would be some options:

1: I think there should be a lot of improvement and I will explain in a review. I understand that the vote will be revoked if I do not review.

2: I don't like the artist.

3: I personally think the post is useless and I will leave a review saying why. I understand that the vote will be revoked if I do not review.

Now, here is what I would think happens:

To number 1: If there is no constructive criticism in the review, the artist is allowed to remove the vote and review.

To number 2: Banned from voting on anything by said artist.

To number 3: Other must rate the review very helpful or the vote will be revoked.


I know this will never happen, but doesn't it make at least a LITTLE BIT of sense?

EFF YEAH!!!!!!!!!

2009-11-06 19:17:18 by Compaq272

I GOT MIXCRAFT!!!! :D Prepare for new epicness starting with Rayman: Pink Plant Woods Part 2 and possibly a new Halo!!!!!!

I Hope

2009-11-03 18:36:31 by Compaq272

Just checking one song in this made me think... I hope I can get Acoustica Mixcraft soon/eventually. IT would make things more epic.

Give Up Trying

2009-10-22 11:38:19 by Compaq272

I notice I should probably stop actually thinking to do whatever kinda song I post and just USE stuff. Random or not.

Do Yourselves a Favor

2009-10-01 15:13:38 by Compaq272

Try to never post on deviantART. They will move things without needing to, and don't say what needs to be in scraps and move them there when they should obviously be in the main gallery. I would post here with my art, but SOMEONE doesn't like when I abide by the rules of the art portal!


2009-09-21 08:38:55 by Compaq272

Hmmm... sorry about not having Full of Memories (DoCo) v2 out yet... I kinda lost the file XD. I got it again though so... maybe I'll post in a little while.

EDIT: BTW, I just downloaded a Gothic Organ and Phantom Organ which would go perfect with some evil PotC songs and a Halloween song. :D

Check her page. NOW.

2009-09-04 13:59:42 by Compaq272

Check her page. Her art is very good and I think she deserves some views here..