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Compaq272's News

Posted by Compaq272 - August 10th, 2009

3 days until my release of "Full of Memories" (Also known as "So Many Memories".). This will be THE ONLY song with 4. Sorta. The normal song from Season 3 of Ranma 1/2 which will have 2, bt then the DoCo version from the Japanese OVAs which will have 2. Just wait :D (I personally like the DoCo one more). And can anyone give a little bit of feedback on my music if you don't leave reviews? Plz?

Edit: It is now out (original version. Unless you're totally blind now, you'll notice that the DoCo version has been up for a day. (this edit made August 20th, 2009))

Posted by Compaq272 - July 11th, 2009

Weeeeeeellllll after messing around with Garage Band, I discovered I have near 15 - 20 more instrument that I didn't know were possible. I'm probably going to be using these. How do you guys think my stuff is coming along so far? Any suggestions on what to make?

Posted by Compaq272 - July 4th, 2009

Happy Independence Day USA! I've made a Star Spangled Banner submission (which I have no idea why someone rated 0 but w/e) and as a belated Canada Day, I made O Canada. PLZZZZ I'm srry about the horns not being the greatest thing ever. If you say so I'll take it down and try something else.

Posted by Compaq272 - June 29th, 2009

Anyone think there should be any specific time in between my submissions? I think I've been putting out too many too close together..... Any ideas on how long? I'll see which would be better. Added to that I did the Ranma 1/2 series openings up to season 7. Now I need to try the OVAs other than the song "Where Do We Go From Here?" since I already did that one... "Love Panic" might be fun... >:). And season 4 WAS fun lol.

Posted by Compaq272 - June 9th, 2009

Hey people out there on the Internet! How's everyone doing? Now since my school year is over I can spend more time working on my songs. Yay! Finally I can have way more time deciding what instruments to use out of the 60+ I have....... >,.,<. Anyways some people seem to like my Ranma 1/2 songs. Little Date so far is my highest scoring audio, has been there for quite a while, and looks like it was listened to the most. NOTE: I mean the original one I posted. Not v2. I'm gonna be doing at least 2 versions of whatever Ranma 1/2 opening songs I can, if I can. Then I'm going to concentrate on the endings if I can. Up next is "Full of Memories" which is the opening for season 3 if you didn't know. I would have posted this on the day season 3 came out in the 90s but I didn't know the date. So, it'll be released on my first submission anniversary. I'm probably gonna leave this at one version because there's not much I can do to the song to make it any better than it is. I have a feeling season 4 is gonna be a lot of fun. If you don't wanna review, could you at least tell me what you think by leaving a comment here? vvvvvvvvv That means down there. K bye people!


click that too plz. if not, copy and paste into the address bar.

Posted by Compaq272 - May 26th, 2009

Well I just wanted to put this out here. Some of the songs I do, there will be 2 versions, RARELY EVER 3 versions of them. As evidence, think of "Don't Make Me Wild Like You" and "Little Date". 2 versions. ALTHOUGH, there might not be a final version of Little Date because it wont upload. Just as a heads up. However, I don't think I can beat my cousin's version.

Note: Post is outdated now. DMMWLY v3 is out.

Posted by Compaq272 - May 13th, 2009

Though I don't exactly know how long. Ahhhh WTH. Maybe when I run out of song to do. I mean i only do covers of other songs because I'm literally awful at making my own stuff. Oh well........

Oh added on to this, when do you guys think I should stop once and for all? Hopefully not soon, but i have a good going out song. If not it would fit New Years Day for memories of the past year....lol....but it's not gonna be my next song oh no. Something that people consider to be epic. I know that there's quite a few of this song here on NG, so this is the only one of it's kinda I'm gonna put here.

Posted by Compaq272 - April 25th, 2009

I may stop posting on NG and leave my audio to Youtube, but not before I finish one small series........Oh well. Those in favor of me stopping say "Aye". Those in favor of me staying, say "Don't go".

Posted by Compaq272 - March 26th, 2009

I've gotten even more used to Garage Band '08 that I've even made some ambience by mixing some of the Apple Loops. Just heavy rain? A thunderstorm? Camping in the forest? Camping and raining with thunder? Relax with some of these after a stressful day.......

Posted by Compaq272 - March 11th, 2009

Weeeeeeeeeellll..........I was messing with the Apple Loops in GarageBand '08 (which I use for basically ALL of my audio now) and I was think about making another beat track. But, I remembered something: "Oh that's right...My Mixed Rythms is over...." So, a new series may come out. Similar to the Mixed Rythms, but this time it DOES use preset stuff: "My GarageBand Rythms"! I have a first one in progress, so I need to know whether or not to start it. If I start it, I think it will be WAY better than My Mixed Rythms. Better than me on a keyboard wearing my hands out on my keyboard set to percussion......and no mic. recording. What do you guys think i should do?