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I gotta be like everyone else. I laughed so hard. BTW, congrats on 1,000 reviews! :D


Just goes to show you how epic Pikachu can be.

Jesus people...

OK I LOVE this. The people who think this is stupid, thinks anyone who watches are violence obsessed 10 year olds or whatever, you watched it yourself. You're talking about YOURSELF. Now that that's done, this is pretty funny when NOTHING is behind what happening XD. And since when did Bob'ombs... love... mario... XD

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Near perfect

If only it were say..... 50 nightmares instead of around 28 it would have been perfect. To you guys having issues: That's what the strong will is for. Mashing the bar. I got it with no problem at all so you guys just need practice. It's easy to click the guns in the middle of the fight if you have your auto guns. They do the work for you.

Well.... That was awesome.

Annoying to get my 86.6K record (waiting SO LONG with water torture and the 25.5K unlockable) but an awesome game to pass the time.


I love this even more than the first :game:! Even the reloader was fun :D

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That's.... different...

And in a good way. It starts off like some holy song... But when that guitar comes in, it gets just SO much better.

I love it BUT....

It's missing almost the entire organ part.

Uh.... Uh.... -dies-

I first heard it when I saw a video of someone playing Castle Crashers (Like most other people). I have to say that if I had to pick one song to listen to for the rest of my life, it would definitely be THIS. This is better than anything I've ever heard.

DavidOrr responds:

Wow, that's quite a statement - thank you!

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That's probably the first thing that really made me go "WTF!" IMMEDIATELY after I saw part of it. What the hell is that thing anyway?

N0RM responds:

Cool! thanks! He is an alien from the far regions space that mutated when he entered Earth's atmosphere :)


I can see that you tried here. Only things I have to say: Bad helm, arm cannon on wrong side, and name typo. Good otherwise

ToxicAcid responds:

thnx for the comment man.. i tried to make it fan by adding my own view.. guess it didnt work too well after all.

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