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Compaq272's News

Posted by Compaq272 - October 7th, 2008

How do you like the new pic? Take a guess on how I took it and what I took it with! Either PM me or leave a omment and I'll tell you if you're right. You'll never get it though.

Posted by Compaq272 - September 15th, 2008

Star Wars Imperial March & a Legend of Zelda. Review them and tell me how much work I need. I know I need a LOT of it.

Posted by Compaq272 - September 14th, 2008

Yes! It's happening! The strangest Fur Elise ever and MY MIXED RYTHMS ^4^!!! Yay! Woo hoo! Yippie!
Whip-de-doo! I hope to God that you like them! Please review them and comment on this to tell me what you think!

Posted by Compaq272 - September 6th, 2008

Well, I've given it a lot of thought, 4 days worth actually, and I'm kinda sure there's gonna be a My Mixed Rythms ^4^. I know a lot of you people hate My Mixed Rythms, but, I have nothing else better to do. LEAVE A COMMENT OF YOUR THOUGHTS ON THE MY MIXED RYTHMS SEIRES!!!!!

Posted by Compaq272 - September 3rd, 2008

Ok, I'm a little embaressed asking this, but here goes. Does anybody out there have a Club Penguin account? If so, what is your penguin name? To find me, look for Pyffer's igloo on the map in Antarctic!

Posted by Compaq272 - August 27th, 2008

Yep. I'm tellin' ya what it is. Look! Up on Newgrounds! It's Russian! It's English! It's my Uncle Flacko! No! It's the entirely Latin My Mixed Rythms $3$!!! Uh-huh! The newest release of My Mixed Rythms is all Latin American. I wanted it to be special. So, any Latinas and Latinos out there, this one is for you!! Coming August 29th.

In other news: My next Fur Elise is coming out tomorrow! New instrument.

Posted by Compaq272 - August 26th, 2008

Ok, for all of those people who think I didn't play the 2 versions of Fur Elise that I submitted, I DID. Yeah, I've had practice. No, I won't send you a video proving it. Yes, I will Submit it one more time in another instrument.

In other news: My Mixed Rythms $3$ will be out very soon! Just wait!

Posted by Compaq272 - August 23rd, 2008

Thanks to whoever posted a comment on my turtle problem. After calling three vets, 2 of them said that there was no problem. One said it might be a mating sound, as they may be getting to that age, the other said it might be just a sound that they make. The 3rd wasn't in. Well, I just hope there really isn't a problem. By the way, has the character number for news increased? Last I remembered it was a little over 7,000. Now it's over 32,000! Anyway, thanks for the help.

Posted by Compaq272 - August 21st, 2008

Yeah even though this has nothing to do with Newgrounds, I have nowhere else to turn!! Is anybody out there a turtle expert? I could really use your help. My Red Eared Slider and Cumberland Silder turtles have been making strange sounds. The sound is cat-like. One sound was like a bird!! I heard it down my hallway!!! Does anyone know if aything is wrong with them? ANSWER ME FAST!!!!!!

Posted by Compaq272 - August 18th, 2008

Ohhhhhhh great. It just so happens that my homeschooling starts TODAY!!! Not cool. It will take longer for me to submit stuff.